Posted by Nita on March 07, 2002

In Reply to: Wimpy posted by ESC on March 06, 2002

I don't believe that "J. Wellington Wimpy." has any connection with Gilbert & Sullivan's John Wellington Wells

I think it was meant as a rip on J. P. Morgan and his ilk. At the time of Wimpy's introduction to Thimble Theatre (the origin of Popeye) on May 3, 1931 the depression was in full swing. He joined a cast of dubious characters that hung out at the Roughhouse's Cafe. Along with the famous "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." he also popularized the phrases "Come over to my house for a duck dinner. You bring the duck!" "Let's you and him fight!" All in all he was seen as moocher and opportunistic with a gentried air about him.

Incidentally if anyone wondered why Spinach . . .
The reference to spinach comes from the publication of a study that, because of a misprint, gave spinach ten times its iron content