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Knocking for 9 months

Posted by The Fallen on February 20, 2002

In Reply to: Knocking for 9 months posted by emily dornbos on February 20, 2002

: The question came up in conversation late one night, enough said....

: Where does the phrase 'she got knocked up' come from?

Excellent question. I could have sworn blind that this was London slang, because it's in such widespread usage over here, but a little research assures me that it's US-based. I have no clue how or why it originated, though.

As a side note, it's an interesting little phrase, and typical of the subtle complexities of English. Those two little words have at least four quite different meanings, as follows:-

a) To arouse or awaken. "Knock me up at 6:30."
b) To create or cook hastily. "I knocked up bacon and eggs."
c) To score at sport. "The captain knocked up a quick 30."
d) To impregnate. "She got knocked up last year."

There are probably others. Never let it be said that English is an easy language to learn.

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