Posted by Bob on February 19, 2002

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: : Could anyone help my out with the origin of the word 'Bubba' (American) and what it eaxctly means or under what circumstances is it used.

: Bubba is a variation of the word "bub" which means brother. Bubba is used in the American South where it's used as a familiar form of address. "Hey, bubba, how are you today?". In my experience, it was often used as a term of affection for an older man.

: It's also used by people from the North to refer to Southern men in a derogatory way, "They were just a bunch of bubbas.", meaning they were backwards, parochial, poorly educated and probably racist. When used like this, the meaning is close to "good ole boy."

: Maybe ESC and some of the other Southerners here can help with this.

: Camel

It will probably take a Texan to give the definitive word: Texans like to think of it as their own word, an exemplar of Texas culture. I'm sure Molly Ivans has an essay or two on the subject.