The Corporate "Lavare" Family Tree

Posted by TheFallen on May 14, 2002

In Reply to: The Corporate "Lavare" Family Tree posted by Bruce Kahl on May 13, 2002

: : : : what is the origns of the word lavation?

: : : From Latin:
: : : Past participle of lavre or lavare---to wash.
: : : The word "lavatory" comes to mind as another English word from lavare.

: : : Lavabo--a ceremony at a Roman Catholic Mass in which the celebrant washes his hands.

: : : Lavage--The therapeutic washing out of an organ.

: : : Lavish--from "lavasse" which is a deluge of rain.

: : : Gonna stop now since I can easily obsess on this. I do this to my kids and it drives them nuts.

: : Look out, here's a Spanish visitor to Rome: the high-flyin', hand-washin', El Lavation.

: Lava Soap
: Rich lathering pumice soap digs in and powers out ground-in dirt.
: Available in bar or liquid.

: Lavoris Mouth Wash
: Instant long lasting protection.
: Original cinnamon flavor.

: Lavare Soaps
: "Dont be fooled by the soap bar look. Its a Lavare Moisturizing Lotion Bar."

In overly obsessive style, I'm having to disallow Lava soap from the above list as almost certainly not having sprung from the Latin "lavare", but rather from lava, as in volcanoes, which are, I believe, a primary source of pumice stone :) My pathetically hopeless dictionary leads me to believe that contrarily enough, "lava" comes to us, via Italian, from the Latin "labare", meaning to be about to fall.