Parallel adjectives for "smell" - partial guesswork.

Posted by TheFallen on April 23, 2002

In Reply to: Parallel adjectives for "smell" posted by nicole on April 23, 2002

: I wonder if there's a parallel adjectives for "smell" in the pattern of "see-visible;hear-adible;eat-edible." Thank you for your help.

Sight - visible

Sound - audible

Touch - tangible

Smell - olfactible (I think - this needs checking, because it's based on my memory, and doesn't feature in my abridged OED)

Taste - to be strict, edible doesn't really fit too well with the others in my opinion, because it means "capable of being eaten without harm", rather than "possessing a taste which can be perceived". Again though it doesn't feature in my dictionary, I'd place a small bet on something like "gustible" or maybe "gustable".

I'm sure that someone with the full OED will soon confirm or deny the above.