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Fame's loud/bright chariot

Posted by ESC on April 14, 2002

In Reply to: Fame's fleeting chariot posted by R. Berg on April 14, 2002

: : : Is "Fame's fleeting chariot" a quotation from something
: : : I ought to know?

: : Doesn't sound familiar to me. Are you perhaps thinking of "But at my back I always hear/time's winged chariot hurrying near..."?

: This method often works: Go to and type into the box a few words from the quotation you're trying to identify. I did so with "fame fleeting chariot," and the links that came up didn't produce the phrase "fame's fleeting chariot" in that order. The phrase is therefore probably not a literary quotation.

I couldn't find the phrase in any of my quote books. I tried a Google search using "fame AND chariot" and came up with several related phrases.

1. The CHARIOT OF FAME was a 3-masted, square-rigged "medium clipper" ship, built at East Boston, Massachusetts, by Donald McKay, for Enoch Train & Co., Boston, for their "White Diamond" packet line between Boston and Liverpool, and launched in April 1853.

2. I found this quote from a eulogy on a page entitled BOSTON AND LONDON by Benjamin Franklin 1722-1726 _Silence Dogood, No. 1_ _To the Author of the_ New-England Courant. [Dead link removed - ed] and also at [Dead link removed - ed]

Thou shalt alone in Fame's bright Chariot rise;

3. Col. George N. Carpenter, of Boston, was then introduced, and gave the following dedicatory poem, which is inserted by request:

But fame's loud chariot o'er the plain
Rolls Caesar or a Charlemagne.

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