Unisex terms

Posted by R. Berg on December 16, 2001 at

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: : : : : During the thread of "spank the monkey," "wedding tackle" was mentioned. I haven't a clue what "wedding tackle" is referring to. Any help?

: : : : As the guilty party, it behooves me to explain. I was musing as to the lack of other unisex slang terms for the genitals, and the old-fashioned (and probably regional) British slang term "wedding tackle" was about all I could dredge up.

: : : : So there you have it. Tackle in the sense of equipment, and wedding in the sense of wedding - though contrarily enough there's many an old joke that assures that the fastest way for one's wedding tackle to fall into disuse is for one to go and get wed :)

: : : There's also "[one's] business."

: : I like the British term, "naughty bits."

: Interesting... I've not heard "business" used in that sense before - to "do one's business" in the UK is a euphemism for to defecate, often used of dogs... "Go on Fido, out you go and do your business". Naughty bits I had forgotten, and without wanting to make anyone wince, I'll throw my "privates" into the melting pot.

"To do one's business" means to perform bathroom functions in the US too, but "business" also means genitals.