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Lift that bale, tote that barge

Posted by Bruce Kahl on December 12, 2001

In Reply to: Lift that bale, tote that barge posted by R. Berg on December 12, 2001 at

: : : I heard this as a child. The speaker was usually gently admonishing someone else to work harder at some physical task. It makes me think of people loading canal-based barges and then hauling the barges along the canals. Perhaps the words come from a song. Any insights?

: : ".....But ol' man river
: : He keeps rollin' along.
: : You and me
: : We sweat and strain.
: : Body all achin'
: : And wracked with pain.
: : Tote that barge.
: : Lift that bale.
: : Get a little drunk
: : And you land in jail..."

: The song is "Old Man River," from the musical "Showboat."

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