Vice versa

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: : Visa versa (sp)
: : I am familiar with the phrase, and how to use it within the context of a sentence, but where it came from I haven't a clue.
: : Any takers?

: The phrase is "vice versa" and has a Latin origin.

: "Vice" means "in the place of" or "in succession to" as in "The Vice-President would act in place of the President". ( EEK! ). The root of "vice" is "vix" meaning "change".

: "Versa" is a form of the Latin verb "vertere" and is a participle. "Vertere" means "to turn".

: So "vice versa" means "the position being reversed".

: ---

: Cogito, ergo sum.
: I think, therefore I am.

: Sum, ergo edo.
: I am, therefore I eat.

Or the sophomore favorite,
cogito cogito ergo cogito sum
I think that I think, therefore I think that I am.

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