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Sleang word for obvoius/dubious product placement in films??

Posted by Barney on November 26, 2001

In Reply to: Sleang word for obvoius/dubious product placement in films?? posted by Slarty Bardfast - coastlines only on November 26, 2001

: : I know I've heard a work for this!! For some reason I think it has some sort of jewish derivation but I'm not sure. I rally want to remember it but can'T can anyone help!!!

: Your English has become so customized that it's not entirely clear to me what your question is. Nevertheless, I'll gamble 25 Menzonian Zlurds that the answer is 42. Don't ask me how I know, I just do - so there!!!

I can help here. Replaced the word 'work' in the first sentence with the word 'work' and terminate that sentence with a period (.). In the 2nd sentence capitalize the 'i' and the 'j'. In the 3rd sentence replace 'rally' with 'really', replace '"T' with ''t' and terminate the sentence at this point with yet another period (.). Next capitalize 'can' as the first of the three words in the last sentence and terminate it with a question mark (?) rather than '!!!'

Having looked at the results I've realized that even I don't understand the question. Bring back the teaching of English before we all lose touch with each other.

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