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Hail, fellow, well met

Posted by R. Berg on January 27, 2002

In Reply to: Wanna know origins of... posted by Billoud Nicolas on January 27, 2002

: Can I trouble you to give me the origins of the following expressions: "to be caught red-handed"
: "shaggy-dog story"
: "to cudgel one's brains"
: "to have a whale of a time"
: "as dull as a ditch-water"
: "as red as a turkey-cock"
: "to knock someone sideways"
: "topsy-turvy"
: "mealy-mouthed"
: "the rag-tag and bobtail(of sth)"
: "the down-and-outs"
: "a smash-and-grab"
: "clap-trap"
: "a chicken-and-egg situation"
: "a moth-eaten idea"
: "to be all keyed up"
: "a rag-and-bone man"
: "a holier-than-though attitude"
: "to be nail-fellow-well-met"
: "a devil-may-care manner"
: "a hole-in-the-corner affair"
: "a cock-and-bull story"
: "to get down to the nitty-gritty"
: "to give someone the heebie-jeebies"
: "to upset someone's apple-cart"
: "to be someone's blue-eyed boy"
: "to be bone-headed from the neck up"
: "a Jekyll-and-Hyde team"
: "a Johnny-come-lately convent"
: "to grin and bear it"
: "that's torn it"
: "to have it both ways"

"Hail, fellow, well met" was dealt with last year, and the answer is in the archives. Use link below or
The archives might have explanations for some of your other phrases, too.