Lazy moo - it's a piece of proverbial p*ss

Posted by Alex on November 02, 2001

In Reply to: Can someone please translate this short story for me, latin-english posted by emily k on November 02, 2001

It is not yet dawn, but Aurelia, the mother of Marcus and Cornelius, is already busy in the house. She is angry because she sees the slaves sitting down. "Do something, lazy slaves!" she says. "Why do you (pl) do nothing? Why are you (pl) sitting down? Why are you (pl) not working hard? Everything must be got ready at once, because today we return to Rome." Now the slaves are working hard. Then Aurelia prepares to wake the children. She goes therefore into the bedroom of Sextus. She shouts "Wake up, Sextus! It is time to rise." Sextus gets up immediately. He speedily puts on his tunic and toga, and in a short time runs out of his room. Again Aurelia goes into Marcus's room. Again she shouts "Get up, Marcus! We are already working hard. Why do you alone not rise?"

shockingly simplistic latin - 10yr old stuff