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"Thanks for the bump"

Posted by Bruce Kahl on September 29, 2001

In Reply to: "Thanks for the bump" posted by Patty on September 29, 2001

: Recently, I read an exchange on a forum in which someone wrote to another "thanks for the bump". Now I know I should be more up to date on current lingo, and I know I've heard the term before, but what exactly does a "bump" mean in this usage? Thanks. -Patty

Yes, I have seen that also on other boards and forums.

Unlike this forum where a posting stays where it is and people just add to it, there are other forum software packages which, when someone responds to a posting, moves or "bumps" the posting and the reply to the top of the page.

So a subject or query which becomes inactive can be brought back to life by someone posting to it.

When this occurs the original poster will respond by saying "Thanx for the bump".