Pretty in Pink

Posted by R. Berg on October 02, 2001

In Reply to: Pretty in Pink posted by Anthony on October 02, 2001

: Thank you for the reply. In my context it was a comparison between two computer viruses:

: "VirusA makes VirusB look pretty in pink."

In that context, the sentence means that A is so vicious as to make B look sweet and harmless by comparison. It's a way of emphasizing how dangerous A is.

: : : Hello,

: : : Can someone explain the meaning of phrase "pretty in pink" and its origin. Context:

: : : makes look pretty in pink.

: : : Thank you.

: : It's a compliment paid to young, fair girls, "You look pretty in pink. That's your color." Meaning she looks pretty in a pink dress, sweater, etc. And then there's a movie by that name. That's all I know.