Pass out

Posted by Bob on October 16, 2001

In Reply to: Pass out posted by Barney on October 16, 2001

: : : : Is "passing out of school" wrong?

: : : : Thanks.

: : : : Deepthi

: : : It's not standard, at least in American usage.

: : In the U.S., a student "passes" a class if he completes the work and does well. He passes the class and goes on to the next level. A student in the U.S. either graduates from school or "drops out."

: In the UK, it's used when leaving (successfully) a military academy - normally in the context of a 'passing-out parade'.

I thought it sounded like a British usage. In the US, "passing out" means losing consciousness (usually from drink or exhaustion or fear) and nothing else.