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Well hanged

Posted by Markitos on October 16, 2001

In Reply to: Well hung posted by Terry on October 14, 2001

: I was given to understand that the origin of the term well hung referred to the sad physiological effect of having one's spine broken, as when hung by the neck, with a resultant instantaneous penile erection. If the subject was not well hung, or hung well, then there was no erection.

: yes? no?

C'mon, the "proper" past tense for hang is hanged....

You're talking about the hypertonicity caused by constrictive impact on circulation occasioned by hanging--andregardless of how a gent is "hung," hanging would bring out his best. If someone is well-hanged, his neck breaks and the bystanders are not treated to the cruel and unusual delights of slow death by suffocation. This is why scaffolds have trapdoors instead of just a noose on a pulley...

Let's bring back that icon of Americana, Blazing Saddles. The Waco Kid to Sheriff Bart: "I heard you were hung." "I am."

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