Shot heard around the world?

Posted by Bob on September 05, 2001

In Reply to: Shot heard around the world? posted by Bruce Kahl on September 04, 2001

: : : : I'm looking for the origin of the phrase, 'The shot heard around the world'. I tend to remember it as being the reason
: : : : for the start of WW1. A shooting involving some Duke or King. Any ideas?

: : : I know your expression as a home run hit by Bobby Thompson to win the World Series in 1951.
: : : NY Giants vs the Brooklyn Dodgers.
: : : I am not a sports fan so maybe someone else can fill in more details.

: : : Duke Fedinand of Austria was shot which some people claim sparked WW1.

: : I find it telling that in the midst of shots that begin the American Revolution (at the battle of Lexington and Concord, which Emerson describes in his poem)... and WWI, and various other earthshaking events, both Bruce and I simultaneously note the baseball reference. Small minds run in the same gutter, as they say. ... ;)

: Ha! Yes, for sure.
: Below is link to the actual broadcast. It takes a while to load so be patient. Very exciting!

NOT very exciting for Brooklyn fans. I refuse to hear it again. Ralph Branca (who lived two blocks away from me) never lived it down.