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: : : Exactly what does this mean????5 family members have different opinions,we need this settled!!!Please help!

: : This one has come up before. Type once removed in the search box or try bulletin_board 2 messages 4.html

: : Gary

: This is a cousin thing. Not brothers.

: If you look up cousins in most encyclopedias, it will give an explanation. Let me give it a whirl. Relatives on the same generational level are: brothers and sisters, their children are cousins, their grandchildren are second cousins, their great grandchildren are third cousins and so forth.

: You get into the "removed" situation when a cousin is on a different generational level. Say your relation to the

: Elvira and I are cousins. Her children and I are first cousins, once removed. Elvira's grandchildren are my first cousins, twice removed.

: John and I are second cousins (our parents were first cousins). John's children and I are second cousins once removed. His grandchildren and I are second cousins, twice removed.

: Fortunately there is software that will figure this out. I use Family Tree Maker.


CHILD 1 sibling CHILD 2
gCHILD cousin gCHILD
ggCHILD 2cousin ggCHILD
g2gCHILD 3cousin g2gCHILD
g3gCHILD 4cousin g3gCHILD
g4gCHILD 5cousin g4gCHILD
g5gCHILD 6cousin g5gCHILD

The ggCHILD on the left (above) is a SECOND COUSIN TWICE REMOVED to the g3gCHILD on the right (above). (NOTE: The g3gCHILD on the right IS NOT a Fourth Cousin Twice Removed to the ggCHILD on the left; the relationship is still 2C2R.)

g6gCHILD 7cousin g6gCHILD
g7gCHILD 8cousin g7gCHILD
g8gCHILD 9cousin g8gCHILD
g9gCHILD 10cousin g9gCHILD

A Word about HALF COUSINS: The word "half" means only one of two parents is the blood parent, so where two siblings share only one parent, they are half-siblings. The children of these two half-siblings would be half-cousins, because they share only one of the grandparents. So, half-cousins are called that, because they share only one of the two grandparents commonly. As far as half-Cousin and Removed is concerned, the same rules apply as to full cousins.

A Word about DOUBLE COUSINS: Double cousins are the result when two brothers marry two sisters (of another family). The children of each married pair are cousins to each other, not only by way of their father's family, but by way of their
mother's family as well. Otherwise, the same rules apply as to full cousins; so one (whose grandparents were brothers who married sisters) could have a SECOND DOUBLE COUSIN ONCE REMOVED. gene/cousins.html

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