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Rex Stout quotation

Posted by R. Berg on August 18, 2001

In Reply to: I'm trying to find the source of a quote. posted by sar on August 17, 2001

: From the Rex Stout Nero Wolfe book "Too Many Cooks" comes the following: "My heart was all I had and now that's gone, I should have put my bloody blinders on."

: I'd like to know if this is an original Rex Stout quote or if the character who said it was repeating part of a poem or song etc. "Too Many Cooks" was published in 1938 so if it's from another source it's at least that old.

: Thanks for any help or info you might have.

: sar

I don't know, but I found an interesting website while trying to find out: Avenarius's Book of Quotations. Avenarius cites your quote with "Too Many Cooks" as the source, implying that Stout originated it.

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