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"I appreciate it"

Posted by Bob on August 15, 2001

In Reply to: "I appreciate it" posted by Bill on August 15, 2001

: What's the difference between "I appreciate it" and "Thank you"?

To appreciate literally means to understand the value of... so when you say "I appreciate it" about a deed, you are recognizing the value of the gesture. "Thank you" is an acknowledgement of an action/favor, etc. It's a pretty small difference, but I could very well thank you without truly appreciating the value of what you've done... but if I believe I recognize the value, then that can be more (or perhaps, less) than what is meant by the Thank You. By that, I mean you can give me a gift of no value, hoping I won't notice, and I can confidently say "I appreciate it," knowing it's worth nothing... but hoping you won't notice the fine distinction, and assume I'm thanking you. Oy. My head hurts.

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