12 on the PT

Posted by ESC on August 10, 2001

In Reply to: 12 on the PT posted by Bruce Kahl on August 10, 2001

: : : what does 12 on the PT mean?

: : I looked in all my references and couldn't find this expression. Could you add some context -- use it in a sentence? Do you think it might be a military term? Could it be a reading on a meter of some kind?

: A big maybe.

: I found one reference to your phrase, but it contained the word "shorts". "PT shorts" are a style of military-like innerware, "PT" meaning physical training.

: The coach is talking about the number of strokes with a tawse or strap:

: "What you got last night was for letting the team and me down. I have decided that you can have a choice. You can have twelve on your PT shorts or eight on your bare tails. What is it going to be? What ever you choose, I can promise that you will feel each stroke."