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Christmas cards

Posted by James R. Cole on September 28, 2001

In Reply to: Christmas cards posted by ESC on January 31, 2000

Dear ESC,
My name is James R. Cole, and I write to say thank you for this information regarding Sir Henry Cole. Growning up I had an Uncle who had mentioned the family history from time to time,but,I unfortunately didn't pay that much attention when I was younger. I have very recently been attempting to gather some information to learn more about my families history, and I came across this correspondence. I knew Sir Henry was from England I believe my Uncle had said, but I don't know much else. If you know, or have any additional information, I would be glad to hear from you, and if not, thank you again for shedding some light on my family history.


James R. Cole
I also have been writing over the past 30 plus years. I have included something for your groups review. I call it...
"TO Believe"
We live with only ourselves to Blame
Full of Ambition, Hope, and Dreams
We can take ourselves to the highest plain
or just go through life forever the same

It is all up to you as to where you end
You can just go through life rigid or learn to bend
Life is a door to your destiny, and you hold the key in your mind

Only you can choose to set yourself free
and to find who you really must be
It is all in your power everyday
for you to reach your Destiny

Set your goals high
But keep them in reach
And never give up on yourself
For the power in faith
Will someday awake
Your true potential inside.
Destiny c.8/94
James R. Cole

Thank you once again.

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