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Middle of the road

Posted by LCC on December 10, 1999

In Reply to: Middle of the road posted by bluebaron on December 09, 1999

: Another variation on the theme dates back to a couple of scenarios: one being that keeping your horse (and or wagon)in the middle of the road lessened the possibility of tripping, falling or losing a load if passing near the side of the road which often was not at the same level (usually lower)as the road bed; another having a greater margin of safety from highwaymen. Being near the middle of the road allowed the rider/walker a little more time to spot danger, or to escape.

Sadly still no prize but an alternative is offered of equal validity and results from the same amount of extensive research.

Consider why the British drive of the left side of the road. The reason is that, in olden days, Knights, in order to show their non aggressive intent rode on the left thus exposing their sword arm for all to see. The less honorable Knights, or lesser persons intent on skulduggery, travelled on the right thus keeping their sword arm concealed. Now the interesting and relevant part; kindly friars and other honorable, and obviously fearless, men having neither swords or other armament to conceal or reveal generally travelled in the middle of the road.

So there you have it, many secrets revealed:

1. Why the British drive on the left
2. Why left wing politicians - who claim to be warm and cuddly and concerned with the welfare of everybody - are so called.
3. Why Right wing politicians - the sort who are alleged to promote harsh solutions and be unsympathetic to those at the 'bottom of the food chain' - are so called.
4. Why middle of the road politicians - the sort who dither between being harsh or warm and cuddly - are so called.

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