On the ropes (meaning and synonyms)

Posted by Bob on October 01, 1999

In Reply to: On the ropes (meaning and synonyms) posted by Jerry Vaughn on September 30, 1999

: I would like help with this phrase. Although I know how it was used in one specific case, I would like to learn more about its meaning. I would also like to hear about a couple of synonyms or alternative ways to say the same thing. Please accept anticipated thanks for the help.
: Jerry.

It seems to come from boxing, so synonyms might include vulnerable, near defeat, bloodied, on the rocks, teetering on the brink, weakening, battered, staggering, etc.

My favorite bits of medical black humor are the abbreviations put on medical charts of people who are, well, just about to shuffle off this mortal coil. Those notations include AMF (the first word is "adios," the rest you can puzzle out)... and the picturesque CTD (for "circling the drain...")