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Get one`s rocks off

Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 31, 2007

In Reply to: Get one`s rocks off posted by David FG on July 29, 2007

: : : "Get one`s rocks off". In the Urban dictionary I have found the meaning "to have an orgasm", but I suppose there is another meaning. Can anyone explain?

: : That's the only meaning/usage I've ever heard.

: Me too. Why did you think there was another meaning?


I have heard the phrase used here in the NY area of the US of A to mean "obtaining pleasure" in a non-sexual way as in "He gets his rocks off by insulting people and watching them squirm".

The OP may not be a speaker of native English and just wanted us to help him understand the many phrases and idioms a complicated language such as English presents itself; so maybe that is why he thought there was another meaning.