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Ten to the dozen

Posted by James Briggs on January 10, 2006

In Reply to: Ten to the dozen posted by Steve E on January 10, 2006

: : : : I am trying to find out the meaning of the phrase "ten to the dozen", refering to speed, like when people say a child is "running fast and his little legs were going ten to the dozen". I thought it meant they were going really fast but 10 to the dozen seems inefficient to me. Can anyone explain? And the origin of the saying? Thanks.

: : : A more frequently heard and more logical phrase is "sixteen to the dozen." I've never heard "ten to the dozen." SS

: : The phrase I am familiar with is 'nineteen to the dozen' - I too am unfamiliar with 'ten to the dozen' which doesn't make any sense (unless that was the intention.)

: : DFG

: I, too, am familiar with 'nineteen to the dozen'

If you go to our Archive at //
You'll find a previous discussion about 'nineteen to....'
I too have never heard of '16 to the dozen'.