'sincere' suit

Posted by David FG on March 07, 2005

In Reply to: 'sincere' suit posted by Lewis on March 07, 2005

: : A mans wardrobe needs at least one 'sincere suit'. Thats the dark navy or black suit you wear to funerals, job interviews, adn other occasions when you want to really show that you are a solid citizen. I have one with pinstripes, just to be sure.
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: as a lawyer, I dress in long-sleeve polo-shirts and some shirt/jacket combinations, if I feel like it.

: suits are for court appearances and the like only. that's only so the clients feel that I'm as 'smart' as my opponent.

: dress codes are for retrograde fascists.

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Dress codes, like other forms of etiquette are attempts at good manners. To deliberately break an expected standard of dress is to draw attention to one's self, which is a form of exhibitionism. It does not necessarily mean 'formal' styles of dress either: to wear a dinner jacket on a stroll in the countryside is as unacceptable as to wear jeans and a t-shirt to a funeral.

It's all about not setting out to create uneasiness on the part of others.