Posted by SR on January 18, 2005

In Reply to: And more rinky-dinks posted by Bob on January 17, 2005

: : : : : : : During the Vietnam war the american troops referred to the native Vietnamese as "Dinks"....being a shortened version of "Rinky Dinks"

: : : : : : Incongru: please do not erase previous posts, as you did on both on this post and one above. We're all in the habit of looking at the last post and being able to see the whole thread. When you erase, the next reader has to click repeatedly to see what was said. Thanks for your cooperation.

: : : : : OK, you got it. some boards are the opposite, i.e, consider it bad manners NOT to erase. "I stand corrected".

: : : : some boards need erasure, since the visible posts are cumulative ... the net result is the same, one-click readability. As you point out, this one is the opposite. Thanks!

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: : : I have no reason to doubt The Incongruous One, but how do you know that "dink" is short for rinky-dink? The word "dinky" is well-established, especially in the phrase "dinky little," and there is a local railroad line which is called The Dinky. (It's a shorter name than "The Toonerville Trolley".)

: : People who frequented the roller rink in my mother's home town were called "rinky-dinks"

: There's a whole neighborhood in Minneapolis, near the University, called Dinkytown. Lots of restaurants and shops and bars. Collegiate charm.

It can also be an acronym for Double Income No Kids...