Covert ops

Posted by Lewis on January 06, 2005

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: : : : : What is the current English equivalent of the French "éminence grise"? The power behind the throne? A gray emminence? An "éminence grise" implies the existence of whom? The figure-head? The straw man?
: : : : : Finally, can anyone give an actual example of such an association in the modern polotical scenario: a "éminence grise" and a figure-head performing together?
: : : : : Thanks.
: : : : : Jose Carlos

: : : : Grey suits

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: : : éminence grise is a very well-known phrase, certainly in the UK.

: : : An example from (fairly) recently might be Prime Minister Tony Blair and his ex-'Special Adviser' Alastair Campbell.

: : : DFG

: : One might also consider the Bush/ Cheney team here in the US to be such.
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: In the U.S., "king maker" is a term used by those in politics who are behind the scenes selecting and promoting a candidate for office.

Both "eminence grise" and "king-maker" are common-usage for a powerful person acting covertly - another could be 'power-broker' - somebody who can grant access to political power without fronting or presenting themselves.

wasn't the original "eminence grise" Cardinal Richeleau at the French court?