Hmmm.. I just keep on learning don't I???

Posted by Lotg on November 23, 2004

In Reply to: Camel toe posted by Lotg on November 23, 2004

: : : : There was a discussion about gender of various concepts, and the issue of the camel toe comes to mind. What is the male equivalent of the camel toe?

: : : The male equivalent would be "bulge". You have to say it a certain way, at a certain time, but it's just plain "bulge".

: : : My understanding is that "Camel Toe" was coined or became popular from a sketch on the "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" show back in 2001. There was a character named Camel Toe Annie who came out waering sweat pants and did a dance with this ridiculously obvious camel toe. Not that I can stay up that late; somebody e-mailed me a clip.

: :
: : I'd once heard a comedian say that it looks like a man is trying to smuggle plums. Perhaps a phrase can be made from that analogy. Although, if it is said a certain way, as Brian suggests, 'bulge' is apt.

: Hmmm... I wonder who started this thread - she says suspiciously...

: I must say, until I was recently 'enlightened' by an American friend, I'd never heard the term before. Sheltered life?

: How many toes does a camel have anyway?

OK, well I've done the research and I now know that camels have two toes, thus the term (as presented by Flyguy) I can see must be confined to the female gender. Although the squirrel's pretty impressive don't you think?