footprints on the dashboard

Posted by GodivaLooker on November 04, 2004

In Reply to: "Looking in" and "making out" posted by Miri Barak on November 03, 2004

: : : Hello dear friends:

: : : I cite the whole passage but need help only at the end of it:
: : : "An ultimate beauty car will create desire, provoke emotion and in 50 years time still leave people agog. Often utilising the newest technologies to dress their awesome performance, *these are the cars that get steamy windows from looking in, not from making out*.

: : : It's a sort of pun, but I did not understand it: what does he mean by looking in and making out, and what is the connection to steamy windows?

: : : Thank you so much

: : Miri, car windows usually steam up when romantic couples are making out (kissing, hugging etc.) inside a parked car. The author is saying that the car is such an awesome car in design and technology that the windows will get steamed up simply by having people look into the car. SR

: Thank you so much SR and it must have been a long time since I was busy with such an activity in a car.

Certainly you remember the footprints on the dashboard and the spots on the headliner?