So Long

Posted by Lotg on October 05, 2004

In Reply to: So Long posted by Michael on October 01, 2004

: Re the origin of the phrase 'So Long'. In 'The Northumberland & Durham Word Book' by Cecil Geeson, published in 1969,(a glossary of words and phrases used in these two English counties, mostly dialect words) appears an entry;
: "So Long - farewell, Northern expression imported into britain by soldiers serving in Malayan-speaking countries. Malayan salutation, Salang, a corruption of Arabic Salaam=peace."
: It is of course an expression used in all English - speaking countries, not just the north of England, but maybe it first appeared there, I don't know.

Well - you've surprised me. I always thought 'so long' was American slang. I've only ever heard it in American movies (old ones). But just as we Aussies have inherited many many sayings and much slang from our British and Irish heritage, so too the Yanks.