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Filthy Row

Posted by ESC on March 08, 2004

In Reply to: Filthy Row posted by Lotg on March 07, 2004

: : : : : : What does this mean? We had a filthy row.

: : : : : We had a dirty fight.

: : : : I just saw that expression in a review of the new Diana tapes.

: : : To me, the phrase means not a 'dirty fight', which is what a fist fight can turn into, but a loud, shouting and, at times a somewhat obscene argument.

: : An ugly fight? That's what it means to me.

: I'll go along with James on this one. A filthy row to me always means a huge, loud, foul argument, rather than a fight. It's normally a term I'd associate with partners, marital or otherwise, relatives or close friends having a really awful argument. Although, I suppose it could really apply to anyone having such an argument.

Well, I didn't really picture Charles and Diana duking it out. Although I believe Diana would have been the victor.