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Hey Obvious, maybe you too should READ THE RESULTS OF THE SEARCHES

Posted by Lotg on February 03, 2004

In Reply to: YOU COULD USE THAT SEARCH BOX UP THERE posted by stating the obvious on February 03, 2004

: : Why does 'spill the beans' mean to release information that wasn't meant to be released? The only connection I can imagine is that someone once spilt beans that should have remained contained and that somehow was translated to cover the spilling of information that should have remained secret.

Hi Stating the Obvious, please also see my previous comments under 'By George'. Again, I DID search before entering this thread. And my search revealed only one example headed 'Secret'. This simply makes mention of the term while answering a different question. It provides NO explanation of the term, which is what I was after. I missed the 'by george' example, although I've explained why, I didn't miss this one. As you seem so hell bent on correcting my practices on this site, perhaps you too should look a little more carefully.