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Snatch the princess

Posted by Bob on November 27, 2003

In Reply to: Snatch the princess posted by ESC on November 27, 2003

: : Hello:
: : Long time since I've been here:
: : Do you know if this expression has any idiomatic meaning: "snatch the princess".
: : The context: Someone offers a couple help without charging them, and the husband says "she won't take our money, she won't steal our souls and she won't snatch the princess".
: : My very thanks to you all
: : Miri

: I've never heard "snatch the princess." I was thinking it might be a fairy tale reference. But, then again, could it be a reference to a computer game? I'm not up on that and my kids are still asleep. Does anyone know?

Mysterious to me, too. More context?