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Posted by Henry on November 11, 2003

In Reply to: Common phrases posted by pdianek on November 10, 2003

: : Where does the phrase 'a round of bread' come from, when most breads are square shaped???

: Though I've never come across the phrase, as a recreational baker I'll say that although many breads are now made in pans (moulds) that are basically rectangular and give square-ish slices, if you visit any artisanal baker (US/UK) or *any* baker in a Third World country, you'll find breads made the way they've been formed for centuries: round. E.g., pita; naan; the rustic breads of Europe; tortillas....

If I ordered a round of sandwiches, I would expect them to be made of whole slices from the loaf. If they were made from standard sliced bread, they would normally be cut into quarters, probably square but perhaps triangular. If I ordered a round of drinks, I would buy a drink for each person in the group.