Bohos? or Bobos?

Posted by GPP on October 16, 2003

In Reply to: Bohos posted by ESC on October 15, 2003

: B U Z Z W O R D O F T H E D A Y

: BOBOs: Short for Bourgeois Bohemians, a
: confounding mingle of 1960s rebellion
: with 1980s ambition. Coined by author
: David Brooks. Bobos drink coffee because
: it stimulates mental acuity, but shun
: booze because it dulls the senses. They
: will go to the beach in the skimpiest of
: bathing suits, but are astonished if you
: neglect to put on sunblock to prevent
: cancer. And driving your SUV without a
: seatbelt is positively immoral.
: Nominated by Janet LoFurno

: John Walston
: BuzzWhacker-in-Chief

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: Dictionary,
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A mis-spelling, or am I confused?