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Toeing The Line?

Posted by ESC on July 08, 2003

In Reply to: Toeing The Line? posted by jerry on July 08, 2003

: anyone know the definition of "toeing the line"? (alt:"towing the line"?)

: I have never heard this phrase before but from the context it was used I think I know the meaning but would like to make sure.

: thanks.

TOE THE LINE - "Meet a standard; be up to snuff. The 'line' is the mark that appears in the incantation, 'On your mark, get set, go!' It is the starting point for a foot race. In the broader sense the term appeared in 'Westminister Gazette' in 1895: 'The phrase 'toeing the line' is very much in favour with some Liberals.'" From "The Dictionary of Cliches" by James Rogers (Ballantine Books, New York, 1985).