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Posted by Roy on May 26, 2003

In Reply to: Rendezvous posted by R. Berg on May 26, 2003

: : : : Two persons made a appointment or date, one of them said " I will wait for you at the rendezvous and will never leave without seeing you".

: : : : Is there any similar or idiomatic expression in English language shares the meaning of the parenthesized sentense?

: : : : Thanks in advance.

: : : As nothing in your post is in parentheses, I don't know which part you're asking about. "Rendezvous" is perfectly acceptable English, naturalized from French. People often say "I'll be there" or, for greater emphasis, "I'll be there with bells on." Does any of that help?

: : haha ! :)
: : parenthesized sentense: (I will never leave without seeing you)

: It would sound more natural to say "I won't leave without seeing you."

How about these?

1.No seeing,no going.
2.No meeting,no leaving.
3.I will wait until you are there.
4.I will wait until you are there with me.