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Was popeye a sailor or a coastgaurd

Posted by Lap of the Goddess on May 24, 2003

In Reply to: Was popeye a sailor or a coastgaurd posted by rigger03 on May 24, 2003

: my friend and I wer in a conversation and popeye was the subject, well we wer arguing weather popeye is a sailor as in navy or a sailor as in coast gaurd do's any one know the truth please help me proov him wrong (he was a sailor) write me at

:: My partner & father-in-law are unanimous that he was a sailor, but can give me no grounds for their ascertions.

Personally, I don't care, cos Popeye was my hero and I wouldn't have cared whether he was a sailor or a coastguard. But you've got me curious now.

BTW, your spelling sure is interesting - he he.