Rode hard and put away wet

Posted by ESC on April 20, 2003

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: : It's a US expression, but I would like any advice on the origin of 'rode hard and put away wet'

: I can't tell you who said it first but I can explain it:

: RODE HARD AND PUT UP WET -- Riding a horse "hard" to exhaustion and putting him up "wet," rather than brushing him off and cooling him down. That is very bad for the horse's health.

Cooling Off
. Walk that last mile home
. Remove the saddle
. If it's cold put the horse in a cooler
. Give the horse a few swallows of water. He must be completely cooled down before eating or drinking normally
. If it's hot, hose him off and rub him down
. Walk him at a working walk until cooled html/exercisecheck.html

"Horses may seem like large, tough creatures capable of enduring incredible amounts of activity. While this may appear to be true on some levels, the reality is that they are very sensitive animals that will do anything to survive, even if it means drinking too much water when they are not allowed to cool down properly. Drinking too much water before this cooling off period can lead to the complications of colic, or a severe tummy ache, which the horse may try to alleviate by rolling on the ground. Rolling while in pain can lead to thrashing and twisting of the animal's torso which can cause an internal organ to rupture or a portion of the intestines to twist. A twisted gut is very serious, especially if not addressed quickly, because then all activity in the bowels will stop, creating impaction, a blockage in the system, or toxicity if the horse cannot pass manure."