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Black & white

Posted by Barry on January 20, 2000

In Reply to: Black & white posted by Gary Martin on January 20, 2000

: : I read the last contribution and add the words 'unthinking moron" to the list of adjectives in my last contribution.

: Amos,

: People who describe other contributors as unthinking morons aren't welcome on this bulletin board. If you can't differ with others in a civilised way please go elsewhere.

: Gary Martin
: Phrase Finder Bulletin Board administrator.

If a description is demonstrably accurate, and in this case there is evidence in support, then since the words used were not simply a term of abuse, perhaps you might consider Bob's approach more acceptable. In any case the tension appears to have eased so to come down, with a heavy hand, when the matter is resolved seems inappropriate.

Now I guess I'd better stand by for excommunication myself but some things just have to be said.