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Posted by TheFallen on March 27, 2003

In Reply to: Telestrate posted by S. on March 27, 2003

: Does any one know the meaning of the word "telestrate"? I think it might be some kind of portmanteau.

: Thanks in advance for any information.

It's a hideous word, isn't it? I only know it as a verb and have heard it used by those masters of word mutilation at Microsoft, amongst others. It's a recent coinage to do with overlaying graphics onto video, usually in the course of a presentation, or maybe, if you have interactive TV, if you call up facts about the programme that you are currently watching which then overlay the screen. The provenance is fairly depressingly clear - tele as in "television" (a leap of faith from the original Gr**k "distant") and strate as in L*tin "layer".