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Spin the introduction

Posted by R. Berg on March 25, 2003

In Reply to: Help me posted by foreigner on March 25, 2003

: Entrenched vendors were quick to spin the introduction of Cisco's SN 5428 storage router, which supports both Fibre Channel and IP, as a coup for their protocol.

: being a foreigner, I am a little confused about "spin the introduction".

In this case, "introduction" means putting a new product (the router) on the market, offering it for sale. "Spin" has recently become a popular word for talking about something (often, publicly interpreting an event) in a way that isn't quite lying but is distorted so as to favor one's interests. "Putting a spin on it" means interpreting what happened in a way that makes oneself or one's business, government, political party, etc., look good.