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Whole nine yards, the

Editor's note: Before you read the posting below, check this page on 'The origin of the whole nine yards'.

Posted by Silver Surfer on November 07, 2002

In Reply to: Whole nine yards, the posted by Barry White on November 07, 2002

: Four of my Uncles were in the Airforce during WWII. One of them knew of the phrase during the war. The others either couldn't say if they had heard of it during the war, or when they first heard it.
: The Whole Nine Yards was based on the length of the fighter's machine gun belt. If it took every bullet the fighter had to shoot down his foe, "It took the Whole nine yards"

That machine gun must have been a special since no WWII aircraft that I am aware of accepted a 27ft belt of ammunition. Please establish which aricraft fitted with what make of machine gun - I may be wrong and wouldn't that be a good thing if it settled the origin of the "Whole Nine Yards" mystery.