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Grass eating

Posted by ESC on November 08, 2002

In Reply to: Found phrases posted by Shae on November 05, 2002

: : Phrases found in "The Most Wanted" by Jacquelin Mitchard (Penguin Putnam, New York, 1998), a novel set in Texas:

: : " But Ginny said, 'You keep clear of that one, girl. He ain't a bad man. But he's crazier than a cootebray.'"

: : "I had to work in the morning, though I was as sick as a dog eating grass."

: : ".Tyler Talley, the 'Ready Get Set' Killer, a nineteen-year-old football star and B student, poor as chalk."

: Dogs and cats with upset tummies deliberately eat grass to make themselves puke. They invariably wait until they are on the sofa to do the foul deed.

Yes, unfortunately I am familiar with that. And I have the stained rugs & sofa to prove it. In the pet store I saw little pots of grass that one can buy so the animals don't even have to go outside to nibble and sick up.

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