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Word play

Posted by ESC on October 16, 2002

In Reply to: Artist needs help posted by R. Berg on October 15, 2002

: : I am creating a series of photographs that play on word meanings. For example: "sacrilegious" the image would be church goers with paper sacks over their heads.
: : I need to find more words or phrases that would help with my series. Is this called anything in particular ? Any of your thoughts or ideas where to look would be help.

: The Meanings and Origins section of this website has a long alphabetical list of phrases. Some of them could be illustrated with punning photos.

My daughter the artist says:
"Cutting ties.
Finger nail.
Club sandwich.
Truck bed.

We did a project like this for 3-D design last year, actually, where we built a model illustrating a word-play. It had to be both an interesting word-play and composition...make a list of words with double meanings, such as "seal" (a sea mammal, or seal as in "seal of approval"). Then expand on that."

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