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Black-eyed Pea

Posted by Camera karma on October 17, 2002

In Reply to: Black-eyed Pea posted by ESC on October 17, 2002

: : : : Thanks for all the help. My husband came up with one last night: "Black Eyed Susan"
: : : : If you think of anymore, that would be great. I like "Finger Nail"

: : : Slipstream: lingerie pinned to clothesline above creek
: : : Traffic jam: jar filled with toy cars and trucks; slice of bread and spreading knife nearby
: : : Square dancing: big cardboard square with legs
: : : Boxcar: carton with wheels, wipers, antenna, door handles, painted-on windows, etc.
: : : Clubwoman: a playing card, the Queen of Clubs
: : : Club meeting: Queen of Clubs next to King of Clubs
: : : Boardroom: alcove in lumberyard
: : : Justice: just ice

: : Marquee de Sod. A sign made out of grass and dirt. Get it?

: Black-eyed Susan reminds me of a Halloween costume a coworker came up with. She wore a green sweatshirt with a big letter P and had a black eye. Black-eyed Pea

Those are great!
"Carpal Tunnels"----"Carpool Tunnels"

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