Guts, Garters and Druids - not for the faint-hearted.

Posted by TheFallen on March 30, 2002

In Reply to: Guts for garters posted by Catriona on March 29, 2002

: Thank you very much, everyone who posted a reply. I am more than pleastanly surprised and the speed at which you all did so. Thanks again :)

Just a cheery tale I thought I'd share with you that's vaguely related. A friend of mine who's a historian and usually a credible source, assures me that the Druids used occasionally sacrifice unfortunate victims by making a small incision in their lower abdomen, reaching inside and severing the large intestine as low as they could reach. They then festively pulled out the cut end, nailed it to the treetrunk and forced the victim to run round and round the tree - presumably at sickle-point. Enjoy your Easter lunches, all :)