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"The Lions' Charge for the Blind"?

Posted by bob on January 17, 2002

In Reply to: "The Lions' Charge for the Blind"? posted by Barney on January 17, 2002

: : : : A local charity, the Lions Center for the Blind, affiliated with the Lions Clubs International, is planning a fund-raising event that needs a name. Individuals and businesses will make donations to sponsor people walking a set course, probably the path around a lake. Sponsors may also walk with the group. Last year's title, "Walk for Sight," was criticized: it's uninspired, and the money goes to provide services to the blind and partially sighted, not to produce sight.

: : : : Some proposals so far: Watch Our Steps. I Walk the Lion. The Lions Lake Lope. A Step in the Right Direction. Walking for Dollars. O'er the Ground with Cane or Hound.

: : : : Ideas, anyone?

: : : Pride of Lions Hike
: : : Step Up to the Lion
: : : See What You Can Do
: : : See: What You Can Do
: : : Lions Prowl
: : : Envision the Goal
: : : Hike. Ooh!
: : : Shining Path (oops. taken)
: : : Gamble on My Ramble
: : : Walkin' the Walk
: : : Lions Lake Loop
: : : Loop the Lake!
: : : A Site for Sore (oh, never mind....)

: :
: : yuk! yuk!

: 'Sponsored walk to help the blind and partially sighted' seems to inform and, who knows, when people appreciate what it's in aid of they may excuse the lack of an obscure, but catchy, title. You never know

Clear, yes. But it doesn't make for a snappy participant's t-shirt, which is what half the walkers really want.

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